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Sustainable Housing
Rewarding Returns 


Explore Property Presales

Secure a unit from our selection of presales. These new homes are constructed using the world-leading construction system - Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF).


Investment Opportunities

Wholesale investors can invest in high quality property developments in New Zealand, with first or second mortgage security.

We welcome full project funding from wholesale investors. Minimum terms are indicated with the investor having the option to reinvest once the term expires.


Efficient investment opportunities for wholesale investors in New Zealand

New Zealand Property Capital Fund (NZPCF) are property experts. We aim to deliver efficient investment avenues in residential property development. We welcome full project funding from wholesale investors, and have various advanced risk management and operational transparency mechanisms to protect the interest of our stakeholders. 

NZPCF will have first mortgage security, over property in New Zealand. Each project will be owned by a separate project entity, meaning no cross collaterisation.

We provide consistent operational transparency. By logging in to our cloud-based project management software, stakeholders are able to view how the project is progressing. All investment projects are built with the construction system ICF, which is a method to mitigate climate change.

NZPCF investment opportunities are project managed by Shorcom Limited. They are currently managing the development of 129 terrace-houses, 85 apartments and 1 church across 18 projects, with a total value of $224M (NZD). We invite all investors to join us as we play our part in alleviating the present chronic housing shortage in New Zealand, and to capitalise on this expanding, lucrative market.

1st Mortgage Security

NZPCF will have first mortgage security over property in New Zealand. Each project will be owned by a separate project entity, meaning no cross-collaterisation.

Transparent Operating

Investors are able to keep a track of the projects progress and risks throughout the investment journey through an online, cloud-based software.

Economies of Scale

Our long-term relationships with consultants, subcontractors and suppliers provides them with a steady stream of business across multiple projects.

This drives down costs, ensures reliability, and facilitates their growth alongside our own.

Construction Methodology

ICF's are lightweight, insulated forms that are filled with waterproof, reinforced concrete and reinforcing steel. This approach delivers a product well above all regulatory requirements, eliminates industry-wide bottlenecks, and allows us to expand rapidly.


Operational Transparency

We mitigate risk for wholesale investors with our open book, transparent operating processes.

  • Live Schedule: Timeline of the entire project from preliminary concept design to the end of construction.

  • Daily Site Diaries: Project managers will summarise all actions that took place in the day in the form of a daily site diary.

  • Metrics Reports: The investor will be kept informed of the current stage of the project as well as how the funds are being spent / funds remaining.

  • Live Site Cameras: When the project reaches the construction phase, a livestream security camera is installed at the site.


Meet Our Team

Learn more about NZPCF and the dedicated team behind your investment funds.